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Everyone can understand business.

TinyMBA started out as a fun project to help kids understand business. But it’s for adults, too.

The world is dominated by big money and big business: forces which are driving and accelerating climate destruction, inequality, and many other problems.

So if you want to stand up for yourself, and the future you want, you must understand them.

Our goal is to make business simple, using explanations everyone can understand. And to make learning about it fun if possible (see our dogsanimals, and food pages).

So take a look around (it’s all free). Hope you find TinyMBA useful!


Dave Margulius created TinyMBA and writes the articles. He’s started and run several businesses, and got his MBA at Stanford a long time ago.

Konani, Avery and Madeleine (all high school and middle school students) draw the illustrations for TinyMBA and make sure the visuals are provocative and fun.

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